Buffalo Bayou Rowing Center
Thank you!
Your generosity makes Buffalo Bayou Rowing Center possible.
Founder's Circle
Special recognition for our initial supporters.
Our Founder's Circle is a place for our inital large donors that are helping make Buffalo Bayou Rowing Center a reality for Houston. Our Founder's Circle members will be permanently recognized in our boathouse and through various naming opportunities. For more information on how to join BBRC's Founder's Circle, please contact us.

Gold ($8,000+)

Barbara Radnofsky & Ed Supkis
Michael Wood

Silver ($5,000)

Jillian and Yuri Waldo

Bronze ($1,000)

Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous
El Tiempo Cantina
Marilyn Bullard
Scott J. Atlas Fund
Sherri Hankal
James & Beth Macfarlane
Ram & Laxmi Pisipati
Glen Rosenbaum
Seatrax, Inc.

Brian Webb
Wood by Wood
Friends of BBRC
and Mr. Buffalo
We would like to thank the following for their kind and generous support.
A.J's Landscaping and Design
Casey & Matt Dickerson
Connie Alexander
Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream Company
D. Supkis Cheek, PLLC
Leslie Herbst
Greater East End Management District
Gladys Floyd
Kevin Fujii
Veso Kossev
Liz and John Rundzieher
George & Pricilla Wilson
Michaela & Greg Wood

Ready all? Row!
"Harmony, balance, rhythm. These three things stay with you your whole life! Without those three civilization goes out of whack! And that's why an oarsman, when he goes out into the world, he can handle life. And that's what he gets from rowing! Harmony, balance, rhythm. Mark those words."
-George Pocock

You can easily support BBRC using any of the methods below.
Many options and corporate matching are available. Please contact us for more information!